♥Himegyaru Guide♥

♥This is a guide for Himegyaru beginners or curious folk♥

 Part 1: General Information

 ♥A brief history of the fashion, a few tips to keep in mind for beginners, and an introduction to the guide itself.

Part 2: Clothes

♥Currently the most popular section of the guide, clothes! Where to buy the clothes, tips for buying clothes, the anatomy of an Himegyaru outfit, ect ect. 

Part 3: Makeup

♥A break down of Hime makeup. What you will need, tutorials, just the basics of Hime makeup! 

  Part 4: Hair

♥ Giant Hime hair debunked! Hair styles for all different lengths of hair, information about fake hair, and tips!


Part 5: Do-It-Yourself 

♥ A post dedicated to the princesses who are on a budget. This post discusses making your own dresses, jewelry, nail art, and decoden! 

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Part 6: Lifestyle

♥A brief overview of the Himegyaru Lifestyle. Tips for how to feel a bit more like a Princess, having your ideal "Princess Day", and learning about what the lifestyle really is.

♥Stay Tuned for More!!!♥