♥What is Himegyaru?

Photo of an Himegyaru wearing a Jesus Diamante outfit
  Himegyaru (meaning "Princess Gal") is a sub-style of the Japanese street fashion Gyaru. The fashion is a modern take on 18th century French nobility and is considered one the most extreme fashions in Japanese street fashion. Himegyaru was made popular in Japan by Jesus Diamante shop staff Keiko Mizoe, who inspired many young girls with her huge hair, dollish eyes, and Western features.When Keiko Mizoe retired from her job at Jesus Diamante in 2009 to start a family, the trend started to decline in popularity. In the past year or so, Himegyaru has once again risen in popularity, thanks to the small, yet brilliant population of Western Himegyaru and to Japanese hostess magazine Ageha models like Himena Osaki. This blog is dedicated to anybody who is aspiring to become one of these charming Rococo girls or who is just interested in funky Japanese fashions.

♥Who is Mana Starre?

Mana Starre is an aspiring 18 year old Himegyaru living in Atlanta, Georgia who has had a vast interest in Japanese street fashion for 5+ years. After going through various style phases such as Goth, Visual Kei, Gothic Lolita, and Sweet Lolita, Mana discovered that Himegyaru was the best for her. Mana is  currently working hard on her dream career as a makeup artist, alternative model, and blogger while trying to balance college.

Mana is also a tightlacer, wearing steel-bone corsets for many hours of the day.